Why spices are essential to make great food

You are a cooking lover who particularly likes spicy recipes? You are looking for a specialized blog, where you could discover spices and learn some tips and tricks to use it in your kitchen? So do not look further anymore, you are in the right place !


Welcome on our website, which is entirely dedicated to spicy cuisine: you will find a lot of advice about the best way to cook with spices, and learn more about where they come from, their taste and how to use them to cook. Moreover, each month we put the spotlights on a new spice, that you may not know.

Spices around the world

There are many kinds of different spices, and each region of the world has its own specificities regarding the spices. In Europe, and particularly in France, they love to use salt and pepper, but also paprika which is a bell pepper powder coming from eastern Europe. The American continent especially likes spices too: in the United States for example, we use to cook spices coming from Mexico, like chili. But India is with no doubt the country where you can find the most of spices: curry, turmeric, but also paprika and saffron as well. Some spices are sweet, and some others are stronger. The European people mainly like the sweet ones like curry or paprika, while the Americans would rather stronger spices.

Easy recipes

If you enjoy cooking with spices but you have some troubles to find recipes you like, so you will appreciate our website: you will be able to find many recipes using spices, whether they are sweet or strong to fulfill every palate. You will also have the opportunity to download our recipes sheets for frre, and watch some video tutorials which explain the recipe step by step. Thanks to our hacks, you will become a spicy expert before you could say "spice"!

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